Family Supports

We hope this provides support to our students and appreciate everyone keeping a positive outlook and flexible mindset.

Family Supports During Building Closure

Google Classroom Social Learning Opportunities During School Closures

These Google Classrooms are to connect with each other in a safe social space during school closures. There will be learning opportunities centered around social and emotional wellbeing. Click this link to open Google Classroom and join class with the code from your school. If you need help, follow the Google Classroom Tutorial download as pdf created by our wonderful EdTech Staff!

Academy: gve756o

Hamilton: cpw3qax

Murphy: 7rxqndb

Nash: vlr37qo

Seach: oxpbvoi

Ralph Talbot: ybvpmh6

Pingree: jx4c5he

Wessagussett: ue4ngjt

Abigail Adams Middle School: 7cwdhz3

Chapman Middle School: fnxfr4a

Weymouth High School: 4hnsjva